‘Wanted: The Perfect Pet’ and ‘Highway Robbery’

For younger children

WantedPerfectPetWanted: The Perfect Pet

By Fiona Roberton

What Henry wants, more than chips, more than a cowboy costume, more than an all-expenses-paid trip to the moon – even more than world peace – is a dog. A dog that can catch balls, learn new tricks and chase would be a perfect pet.

When Henry decides to advertise for a dog in a newspaper, however, it isn’t a dog that responds, but a duck. A duck who wants, more than anything, someone to play ping pong with, a friend to go to the movies with and someone to go to tea with.

Will Henry decide that a duck, and not a dog, is the perfect pet? Look out for clever disguises, lots of frogs and one very clever duck.

Published by Hodder Children’s Books


For older children

HighwayRobberyHighway Robbery

By Kate Thompson, illustrated by Jonny Duddle

Everyone knows that the famous highwayman Dick Turpin was, eventually, caught and hung for his crimes, but what happened to his fabulous horse, Black Bess, has remained a complete mystery – until now, that is,  when this boy, a street urchin, recounts exactly what became of the mare.

The boy is left holding Black Bess by a “gentleman” who, he discovers later that day, was Dick Turpin. As he waits loyally for Turpin to come back and reclaim the mare, he finds that there are many other people who want the horse for themselves…. Will he be tempted by their gold?

Look out for dastardly villains, a clever young boy who knows how to tell a story (or two), lots of soldiers and a very fine black mare in this brilliantly-illustrated story by award-winning author Kate Thompson.

Published by Red Fox


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