Watch New McFly Lyric Video For New Single “Love Is On The Radio”!

McFly have got a brand new single coming out called ‘Love Is On The Radio’ and they’ve just released this brand new lyric video for it.

About a year ago, a lyric video was just a monkey typing along to the song using Comic Sans font. But now they’re full on masterpieces that are almost as shiny as real videos.

This new McFly lyric video is well up there with out favourites. It’s set in the Wild West which is pretty cool, but they didn’t have radios back then which means they couldn’t listen to Fun Kids – not so cool.


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The song’s officially out on 24th November so expect a real video between now and then. Also, check out our favourite ever lyric video below.

Remember, you can listen to Fun Kids on DAB Digital Radio in London and online across the UK.

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