Watch our favourite Tomodachi Life Concert Hall videos!

It’s National Friends Week and what better way to celebrate than making a song for your friends!


Tomodachi Life on Nintendo 3DS is already really fun and crazy! You can create your very own Mii characters for everyone you know – from yourself, your best friend, your next-door neighbour, teacher or even your favourite celebrity!

TomodachiLife-FriendshipFiesta-Logo-ENGAll this week Nintendo is inviting you to take part in its Tomodachi Life Friendship Fiesta by playing the game and creating your very own song about friendship!

All you need to do is head to the Tomodachi Life Concert Hall where there’s loads of ways to help you make a great song. Make Mii characters of your fave people, gift them all the same genre of music and hey presto you can create a band, name the band and even edit them a song to sing!

QR code for tomodachi

If you own a Nintendo 3DS but don’t own a copy of Tomodachi Life and want to listen to a song made in the Concert Hall then don’t worry – you can try it out because there is a free demo available on the Nintendo eShop!

If you have a Nintendo 3DS, grab your console, press down the L and R shoulder buttons to activate the camera, click the QR code to activate the QR code scanner and scan this code! Make sure you’re connected to the internet and the demo will download straight onto your console.

Or visit Nintendo eShop on your Nintendo 3DS console and download the demo from the Tomodachi Life page.

Here’s a few of our favourite videos of Tomodachi Life Concert Hall players that we found having a go at being master musicians.

Want to see your song here? It’s simple! Once you’ve made your song, simply use a phone or camera to film your Miis performing your song. Then upload to YouTube and send us a link OR simply upload using the form below!

We may even give you and your amazing music skills a shout out live on air!

Check out this amazing ballad about Zelda!

Natalie does a great job showing you how to make your own song, and you’ve got to love that space suit!

This is a proper party tune and Mario is in it too!

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