Watch out on the road – zebra about

ODD Runaway Zebra AtlantaSee what happens when a 12-year-old zebra, called Lima, decided to go on a little walk.  He was exercising outside an arena in  downtown Atlanta before an evening show when something spooked him.  He broke away from his trainers and bumped up against a fence, then wriggled through an opening.

He then ran away from the Barnum & Bailey Circus onto a major American highway where he caused chaos for 40 minutes with police in hot bursuit.

An eyewitness said “All of a sudden a freaking zebra comes running down the street like a car.  Five or six police cars were in hot pursuit. And a bunch of officers on foot. But then I got scared, thinking … what else is loose?”

The escaped zebra was finally captured when police cruisers blocked off all southbound lanes on an interstate and herded the zebra onto an entrance ramp, where his trainer was on hand to capture and soothe him. A traffic camera capturing the action.