‘We Love Bears’ and ‘Flat Stanley’

For younger children

WeLoveBearsWe Love Bears

Written by Catherine Anholt, Laurence Anholt

Think teddy bear picnics, and then multiply that hundreds of times and you have Teddy Bear Town!

Two small boys join their bear on a bicycle ride and a big surprise is in store when they arrive in Teddy Bear Town and see ‘hundreds and thousands’ of bears out enjoying themselves.

The boys have a glorious day out and there are lots of different things to spot in Teddy Bear Town, from bears driving tractors and diggers to those enjoying themselves in the café and the fair. Naturally, eating yummy things is high on the list of things to do in Teddy Bear Town, but so is the Teddy Bear Dance – before the boys and their bear hitch a ride home on a hot air balloon.

Colourful, cosy and fun, this is a perfect story for anyone who has ever been tucked up at night with a cuddly teddy bear.

Published by Orchard Books


For older children

FlatStanleyNinjaFlat Stanley: The Japanese Ninja Surprise

Written by Jeff Brown

Flat Stanley is, well, flat, but being flat has its advantages and in this story, Flat Stanley makes some unusual fan mail when he is posted to Japan to meet his hero, the ninja movie star Oda Nobu.

Samurai movies, sushi, origami (that’s making funny things out of paper) and a (really fast) bullet train follow as Flat Stanley finds out more about ninjas and Japanese culture, but trouble soon arrives and Flat Stanley that being very, very thin is quite useful when you need to be a ninja hero yourself.

The adventures come thick and fast in this story, but there’s a final twist that is guaranteed to take you by surprise!

Published by Egmont Press


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