Weekend Breakfast: Lego

Hey it’s Sean here from Fun Kids.

A while ago on the show we talked about Alice Finch, the amazing mum who built a giant replica of Hogwarts… using over half a million Lego bricks! The model caught so much media attention that it was taken piece by piece to the Emerald City Seattle Comic Convention.  Here’s a video of the model being set up at the convention so you can get an idea of just how giant it was!

Now, nobody can just watch one youtube video and then instantly carry on with their day to day life, so naturally after finding you that Lego Hogwarts video, I managed to spend the next hour of my life watching ridiculous Lego video after ridiculous Lego video.  This one was one of my favourites

Some have described it as awesome, some described it as mesmerising, some even thought it seemed a bit pointless. I thought that after 2 minutes I would be bored stiff, but for some reason I ended up addicted to the whole thing! It’s a Lego machine that sorts hundreds of Lego footballs and basketballs. Don’t ask me how it works, whoever made it is truly a Lego genius!

We’ll be talking more about amazing models  that people have made on the show! Plus of course we’ll be playing another game of “Who’s Mum is it Anyway?” See you bright and early!

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