What is Rugby League?

rugby ballRugby League is a full-contact sport played with an oval-shaped ball and is regarded by many as the toughest, most physically demanding of team sports!

The sport is globally popular, being played currently by 36 nations and holding a significant place in the culture and heritage of both the United Kingdom and Australasia.

Rugby League is a great sport to play and in case you and some friends fancied giving it a go, we have given a brief overview of the sport, full of interesting facts!

Make sure that with any sport you play, that you keep safe and have fun!

  • The aim of Rugby League is pretty simple: score more points than your opponents!
  • The main way to get points is by scoring tries – this is when you touch the ball down over your opponent’s try line. Doing this gets you four points and you can get another two points if you convert the try by kicking a goal
  • Other ways of scoring are kicking a penalty goal (two points) or kicking a drop goal (one point)
  • A match involves two teams of 13 players with four more players on the bench. You can make up to 12 changes during a game involving any combination of players
  • You can only pass the ball backwards and you can pass the ball as much as you want until a player is tackled in possession
  • If your team gets tackled in possession six times in a row, you must handover the ball to the opposition (so usually after five tackles, it’s a good idea just to kick the ball as far forwards as possible!)
  • A common way of re-starting the game after fouls and other interruptions to play is by having a scrum. This is when six players come together and push each other as the ball is placed in the middle of them
  • A rugby league team consists of players who have different roles. These include:
  1. forwards – they carry the ball into the opposition line (they’re usually the big, scary ones!)
  2. backs – they attack on the fringes
  3. hooker and half backs – their main purpose is to distribute the ball
  • Of course, all of them have to work well as a team, defensively and offensively, if they are going to be successful. Rugby League is very much a team game so grab some friends and give it a go!

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