What would your perfect school uniform be?

boygirlAs we rapidly approach the time to get back to school, we got thinking here about what the perfect school uniform would be.

Imagine if you could dress up every day as your favourite superhero, or wear your favourite trainers instead of sensible shoes!

Recently Playmobil decided to ask 600 kids aged 5 – 11 to find out just what that perfect school uniform is – and the results were interesting to say the least!

The fantasy school uniform for boys involved a Roman soldier’s helmet, a secret agent’s suit, sunglasses, high tech gizmos and, of course, a pair of trainers – very cool!

5203_Titel[1]And for girls, they went for a ballerina’s tutu, a princess tiara, and also a pair of trainers too.

You would certainly stand out with these uniforms!

Playmobil decided to do this research to mark the launch of their Playmobil Fi?ures, a new range where you can  put the characters together yourself, meaning you can take them apart as well as mix and match body parts to create a brand new character.

There’s 24 figures in total, all in mystery bags and available for £1.99.