‘Where The Wild Things Are’

Where the Wild Things Are is based on the 1963 children’s picture book by American writer and illustrator Maurice Sendak.Where the Wild Things Are

Max is a lonely boy with an active imagination. His older sister, Claire does nothing when her friends crush Max’s snow fort in a snowball fight.  Out of frustration Max messes up her bedroom, specifically destroying a special card that Max had made for her. One night Max wears his wolf costume, acts like an animal and demands to be fed. When his mother gets upset, Max throws a tantrum and bites her. She yells at him and he runs away. Max finds a small boat in a pond, which he gets into and departs.  Sailing across the ocean, Max eventually reaches an island. Still in wolf costume, he explores the island and stumbles upon a group of six large creatures. One of them, Carol, is in the middle of a destructive tantrum while the others attempt to stop him. As Carol wreaks havoc Max tries to join in on the mayhem but soon finds himself facing the suspicious anger of the wild things.  

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