Which Strictly Come Dancing judge are you?

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If you had the power of the score paddle, would you be cruel or kind? Take our quiz to find out!

When you’re watching a show, what do you care about?

A. Technique – it’s all about the fancy footwork

B. Performance – you’ve got to put on a show!

C. Both – you can’t have on without the other

Pick the word that describes you best.

A. Energetic

B. Funny

C. Honest

How do you react when you see someone fall over?

A. Sigh with relief that it’s not you for once!

B. Smile and help them to get back up

C. Shoot them a stare that says, ‘Well, THAT was embarrassing’

If your friend asks you for advice, would you…?

A. Be sensible for a minute & make them feel better

B. Give them comedy advice – it’s all about the laughs

C. Be blunt, even if it isn’t nice – ouch but, er, thanks?!

Would you prefer to dance in…?

A. Music Videos – MTV, here you come!

B. Competitions… first place please!

C. The Theatre – you’re West End ready!

What is your favourite style of dance?

A. Classical Ballet

B. Ballroom Dancing

C. Musical Theatre

Mostly A: You’re Bruno!


You’re fun and energetic. You can be very silly at times, but you also know when to be sensible. You are destined to choreograph the best music videos. Let’s hope Taylor Swift is ready for you!

Mostly B: You’re Len!


You are a nice, caring friend. Just like Len, you always have your friends laughing their heads off! You were made for the ballroom. You’re putting on a great performance for your audience.

Mostly C: You’re Craig!


You are a very honest person and can often be harsh, but always for good reasons. You will end up on stage in West End shows. Watch out Annie, there’s a new star in town.

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