Which The Next Step Girl Are You?

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There’s a new girl in school. Do you…

A. Hang with your friends – she’ll come to talk to you if she wants to.

B. Ask her if she wants to sit next to you.

C. Do something silly to make her laugh.

Your BFF tells you a secret. Do you…

A. Accidentally spill it to another friend.

B. Keep it to yourself.

C. Blurt it out during an argument.

If you were in a dance-off, which style would you pick?

A. Classic ballet – you’ve got the moves!

B. Street Dance has all the attitude for a dance-off!

C. The silliest dance you can think of to put people off!

What’s your favourite dance outfit?

A. Pretty and pink.

B. Simple and sporty.

C.Black for a rock look.

Which word would you use to describe yourself?

A. Confident.

B. Caring.

A. Cheeky.

The best thing to do at a sleepover is…

A. Having it at your house so you’re in charge.

B. Catching up on all the gossip with your besties.

C. Playing Truth or Dare.

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Mostly A: You’re Michelle

Friends love your confidence and are to take a step back and let you be in charge! Like Michelle, you’re a natural born leader (but you’re not the best at keeping secrets. Oops!).


Mostly B: You’re Riley

Just like Riley, you’re super sweet and always thinking about how other people might be feeling. You don’t like it when people are being left out, so you always try to make everyone feel included. Cool!


Mostly C: You’re Ella

There’s never a dull moment when you’re around. You’re funny, cheeky and a bit of a prankster, just like Ella! This makes you a totally entertaining BFF… even if you do land yourself in trouble sometimes!

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