Who Plays Aro in the Twilight Films?

michael sheen twilightYou may be a massive fan of the Twilight series, but do you know which famous actor plays the evil Aro in the films?

Well, that’s a problem the star Michael Sheen faces due to the extreme costume he wears in the Twilight movies, which makes it hard for people to eaily recognise him.

Michael has said, “On the whole people don’t tend to recognise me from it because I look so different I guess. I think it’s usually people’s mums and dads that go ‘see that guy over there, he’s Aro’ because they’ve seen me in stuff.”

Michael-SheenlgTo be fair he does look rather different with those scary red eyes, as he says himself, “The younger teenagers just can’t quite believe it because I haven’t got red eyes in real life and long black hair.”

However, although it may be uncomfortable, Michael Sheen is a big fan of how the costume looks!

“The costume was very uncomfortable but the look, this was one of my favourite looks I’ve ever had… It’s just so extreme!”

If he loved that look, we imagine he must have loved his look in the new Disney film TRON: Legacy!

Check out his look as well as a special peek at the Tron movie, by clicking here!