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Whose adventures would you join in with on new TV show 100 Things to Do Before High School?

Your friends dare you to go into a haunted house. Do you…

  1. Creep in and be prepared for something scary
  2. Run away! Haunted houses are your biggest fear
  3. Quickly run in so you can think of the next dare

It’s your turn to host a sleepover. Do you…

  1. Create a new dance routine for your friends to learn
  2. Plan a way of creating a cool new robot
  3. Get everyone to tell ghost stories in the dark

Your mum offers to take you shopping. You buy…

  1. Cute floral dresses
  2. Freshly ironed shirts
  3. Funky T-shirts

You fall down the stairs on the way to class. Do you…

  1. Style it out and pretend you meant to do it
  2. Jump up and run away! Hopefully nobody noticed?!
  3. Laugh it off – it doesn’t matter what people think

You get locked into school when nobody else is there. Do you…

  1. Call you big brother or sister to help you
  2. Yell for help and try and find a way out
  3. Have fun! You can do whatever you want and it’s awesome!

You get to choose what you bake in cooking class. You choose…

  1. Fairy cakes of course!
  2. Robot cookies
  3. Pizza


Mostly A: Your BFF is CJ!

You can always rely on CJ to take charge of a situation. She loves wearing cute dresses and comfy Converse – her room is full of them. She’s never afraid of a challenge, as long as she has her two best friends to back her up.


Mostly B: Your BFF is Fenwick!

Fenwick loves to study and is the brainbox of the group. You will always see him dressed to impress in his smartest shirt and tie. He’s not the most adventurous, but if he has his friends with him, he is willing to try anything… as long as it’s not too scary!


Mostly C: Your BFF is Crispo!

Crispo is the joker of the group. He spends most of his time looking for adventures for him and his friends to go on. You will always see him wearing a funky T-shirt and his comfy jacket. The girls at school all have a crush on him, but he would rather spend time with Fenwick and CJ.

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