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When you’re at a sleepover at your friend’s house, do you…

A. Paint each other’s nails in fun designs

B. Try on your friend’s clothes to get new style ideas

C. Watch your fave funny films together

Arrghh! You wake up late for school! What will you do with your hair?

A. Nothing much – you can totally work the messy hair look!

B. Straighten and style it. Even if it means being late for school!

C. Quickly put it up in a messy bun. Ta-dah!

It’s an hour before bedtime – how do you chill?

A. Have a tidy up and give your bedroom a mini makeover

B. Online browsing to get some Christmas gift ideas

C. Download a new app to play

What tunes always get you dancing around your bedroom?

A. Anything Disney always puts me in a happy mood!

B. One Direction are still the best!

C. I love to rock out to 5SOS. They’re my favourite band!

You’ve got some pocket money, but how will you spend it?

A. On some new hair accessories – you can never have too many

B. I’ll head straight to the nail art pens

C. My pet needs a new treat, so I’ll spend it on them


Mostly A: Tanya Burr

Together, you and Tanya could make the world a more beautiful place! You’d spend ages trying new hairstyles and nail designs. You’re both sweet too, so you would never fall out!

zoella-00 (1)

Mostly B: Zoella

Just like Zoella, you’re obsessed with fashion and LOVE to shop! Hitting the high street together would seem like the perfect way to spend a Saturday. (And if you could also go to a 1D concert, you will both have the best day ever!)


Mostly C: Alfie Deyes

There would always be lots to giggle about if you two were BFFs! (Just watch out for any pranks coming your way!) You both have a passion for gaming and funny films, so you’ll never be stuck for something to do when you’re together!

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