Win a JCB Prize Hamper!

dottyEvery weekday at 3:30 pm and Sunday at 10:30 am, remember that you can hang out with the coolest machine enthusiasts around, Dotty and Duggy! On Dotty and Duggy with JCB Explore, this pair from Diggerland are full of jokes, upcoming events, great music and interesting facts about the coolest machines around!


And if you want to learn even more about dumper trucks, diggers and cranes, then listen to JCB World throughout the week at midday on Giggle. We even have a series of I-Spy games online to keep you entertained in the car on the way to school!

JCB Gantry Crane2-1Ever since they first came onto Fun Kids, Dotty and Duggy have been kind enough to give away a fantastic JCB prize hamper every fortnight. We have managed to get our hands on one final prize hamper for you to win, once again full of great toys and books, including:
• Crane & Vehicle Playset
• Talking Doug Dumptruck
• Pullback Doug
• Doug helps his friends- story book
• Larry saves the day- story book
• Rex Colouring Book
• Joey Colouring book

If you want to win this prize, click here!