Win a job playing with toys this summer!


Are you getting a bit bored with nothing to do this summer holiday, playing with the same old toys? Well, luckily Fun Kids have something for you! We’ve found this cool competition being run by and Asda where six lucky kids will be selected to test the hottest toys of this summer to play with and keep!

toyologist1If you are chosen, you will be sent a new toy each week to test and you will have until the following week to submit your findings back to the Chief Toyologist (how cool a job does that sound!). They will then upload your thoughts and share them with their peers. Your words, pictures and videos will all be displayed at or so that everyone can see the tough testing procedures you and the other junior toyologists are putting the playthings through!

If you want a chance to win this job (and who exactly wouldn’t?), all you have to do is visit and fill out a short form before the 31st July.

Six kids will be selected between the ages of 3 and 10 to participate in the program and receive their first delivery the week starting 2nd August.
Winners really won’t have to think too hard about their return to school project “What I did during the holidays”!