Win a Worst-Case Scenario Boxed Set!

worse case - box setIt’s a crazy world out there full of challenges from catching a fish to suriving a UFO invasion. And, if you’re like us, you frankly won’t have a clue how to tackle most of them!

But don’t worry, help is at hand with our exciting prize! We have got hold of 10 Worst-Case Scenario Handbook Junior Edition Boxed Sets for you to win!

This boxed set features three of the popular Junior editions from the incredibly popular Worst-Case Scenario series: Junior, Junior Extreme, and Weird.

These books will guide you through all kinds of situations, whether it’s how to handle challenging situations at school, how to survive encounters in the wild or even how to survive a vampire, zombie or werewolf!

rhino-chasing kidsThe tips in these three books will have you laughing out loud, all the while gearing you up to tackle anything life throws at you, Worst-Case Scenario-style!

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