Winning Shaun the Sheep Design

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Over the past few weeks we’ve been running a really cool Shaun the Sheep competition!

shaun-n-friends-shaun-the-sheep-9445330-363-350You could win a Shaun the Sheep sculpture, plus! Aardman – the creators of Shaun the Sheep and Wallace and Gromit will come into your school to run a special model-making workshop!

To stand a chance of winning, we gave you a special Christmas mission to design a crazy contraption that would help Shaun carry all his presents back to Mossy Bottom Farm for his friends in time for Christmas!

We had some amazing entries, but now it’s time to announce the winner!

Congratulations Ruth, aged 11, from Cheddar in Somerset!

Check out her amazing design below and here’s the dsecription of her Reindeer-Omatic-3000

“The Reindeer-Present-Omatic 3000 is designed so Shaun can get all his presents back to the farm without having to carry them. To start with you have to go to settings which is situated on the hat above reindeer’s head. You need to choose what wrapping paper you want and if you are going to have ribbon or not. You need to also type in the post code of the destination.

Then you need to put the present in the reindeer’s nose and it will cut the right size wrapping paper and wrap the present that will slide out and onto the reindeer’s foot where it will kick the present to the destination. When it gets to the destination it will parachute down from they sky.”