Wizards of Waverly Place movie

wizardsofwaverlyWe’ve all watched the Wizards of Waverly Place TV show and now it’s time for the movie! Tune into the Disney Channel on Friday 23rd October at 6.25pm.

The new movie follows the Russo family on vacation in the Caribbean, where Alex accidentally casts a spell making it as if her parents have never met. While Max plays matchmaker at the resort, attempting to get the now single Jerry and Theresa to meet and fall in love again, Alex and Justin look for a way to reverse the spell.

When they discover that the only thing that will turn it around is the magical Stone of Dreams, they embark upon a quest through the jungle to find it. For this brother and sister who never seem to be able to get along, working together to find the stone is challenging enough. However, if they are unable to find the stone and erase the spell, the Russo family will cease to exist. Failure is not an option. With time running out, Alex and Justin enter the ultimate battle to become the sole family wizard and save their family.

You can watch the trailer below and tune into the Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie premieres on Disney Channel UK on Friday 23rd October at 6.25pm