‘Wolf Won’t Bite!’ and ‘Stunt Bunny: Tour Troubles’

For younger children

WolfWontBiteWolf Won’t Bite!
By Emily Gravett

Remember the story of the big bad wolf chasing (and eating) the three poor little piggies? Well this story has a slightly different take on the three pigs, who tease the big wild wolf as they practise all their circus tricks on him.

The pigs are very confident that whatever they do they won’t get caught, and perhaps they’re too confident! Would you put your head inside a wolf’s mouth?

The drawings are great and really fun, which suits this quirky original story!

Published by Macmillan Children’s Books

For older children

StuntBunnyStunt Bunny: Tour Troubles
By Tamsyn Murray

Stunt bunny Harriet Houdini is brave, bold and courageous – and attracts trouble like a carrot magnet!

This time, stunt bunny Harriet is the start of Superpets Live! She’s thrilled – just imagine all those posh hotels, star treatment, adoring fans and live audiences. But evil Miranda wants her pet, and opera-singing poodle called Doodle, to be the star of the show instead.

Foul play and rotten behaviour follow as Miranda tries to get her way but stunt bunny Harriet has plenty of tricks up her own sleeves too!

Look out for a hula-hooping chimp, tumbling terrapins, pink fluffy dressing gowns and back-flipping stunt bunnies. What else do you need in a book!

Published by Simon & Schuster


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