Woofer is a cool new musical toy!

BX1206-aaRecently we went along to Toy Fair in London and saw this cool new musical toy called a Woofer!

It’s like someone’s mixed up a dog and a guitar to make a brand new musical instrument.

At the fair the toy won the ‘Best Musical Toy’ award which means it’s pretty awesome.

There are 3 sound modes to choose between – Electric, Acoustic and Hound Dog! And then you can put your own twist on the sounds with the ‘Whammy Bone’.

As well as being able to freestyle, there’s also 20 sing-along songs built into the Woofer and a lyric book so you know the words!

Click here to find out more about the Woofer and other cool toys from John Crane Ltd!

Here’s a video of the Woofer in action!

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