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They’ve faced Simon Cowell – now Only The Young must brave our challenging quezzies!

Have fangs for teeth or horns on your head?

Parisa: I’d rather have fangs for teeth. I’ve always wanted to be a vampire!

Live in a house full of cats or a house full of dogs?

Betsy: I’d live in a house full of cats, cos they can just come and go.

Spend the night in a haunted house or a cave of bats?

Charlie: A cave full of bats. You can deal with bats, but you can’t really push a ghost out of the way!

Brush your teeth with a hedgehog or a caterpillar?

Charlie: A hedgehog because a caterpillar might be all slimy. Ew!

Go on the world’s biggest roller coaster or hitch a ride on the world’s slowest snail?

Betsy: That’s easy – I’d go on the world’s biggest roller coaster because I love them!

Be as tall as a house or as small as a mouse?

Mikey: Be as tall as a house, so I could see everything.

Sing on stage in your PJs or walk down the red carpet in your gran’s clothes?

Parisa: Sing on stage in my PJs. If I could do that now I would!

Be super strong like Hulk or fly like Superman?

Mikey: I’d rather fly like Superman any day!

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