Would you rather…. with Scream Street!

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The freaky friends from Scream Street take our creepy challenge!


Be able to make people scream their head off or laugh their head off?

Luke: I like making Doug the zombie laugh his head off – because his head really does come off!

Be scared of everything or fear nothing?


Cleo: Me? Scared of everything? You have got to be kidding! I fear nothing.

Drink a pint of blood or eat raw garlic?


Resus: I can’t stand drinking blood – give me tomato juice any day! So it’ll have to be the raw garlic.

Always be stuck with your werewolf tail or your werewolf claws?

Luke: Werewolf claws are more useful but it’d be a really bad idea to pick your nose!

Be a real vampire or a real superhero?

Resus: A real vampire of course! A real vampire is a real superhero – only with some bad press.

Travel 1,000 years back in time or 1,000 into the future?

Cleo: When you’re 4,000 years old, 1,000 years isn’t so long ago. I’ll go into the future.

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