Would You Rather…? with the Girl Meets World stars

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The Gil Meets World BFFs take Girl Talk’s silliest challenge! 

Wear your brother’s smelly socks or let him do your hair?
Rowan: Let him do my hair. Boys’ socks are gross!

Say everything on your mind or let everyone read your diary?
Sabrina: I don’t have a diary so I’ll choose that! Ha! It might be to get everything off your mind though.

Play a superhero or a villain?
Sabrina: I’d start off playing a superhero, but a villain would be so much fun!

Only eat sprouts or broccoli?
Rowan: Broccoli because I actually really like it!

Have a clothes disaster or bad hair day forever?
Sabrina: Clothes disaster. You can fix that with things around the house but you’d have to start your hair again and again! How awful!

Have lots of friends or one really close friend?
Rowan: One really close friend – true friendships are very important!

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