Would You Rather… with The Next Step!

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Girl Talk Magazine challenged The Next Step’s Jordan, Trevor and Lamar to take the challenge!

Have hiccups for a month or burp constantly for a day?

Trevor: Burp constantly for a day. I’d make a day of it, Happy Burp Day!

Do a backflip every time you walk or a pirouette every time you run?

Lemar: A backflip every time I walk because then I would just run everywhere!

Be able to swim like a mermaid or fly like a unicorn?

Jordan: Definitely swim like a mermaid. I was a mermaid in a past life!

Have octopus tentacles or worm fingers?

Trevor: Tentacles. I could do some funky moves with eight legs!

Be amazing at every dance style or every language?

Jordan: Every language. Being able to communicate with everyone would be amazing!

Shout everything you say or only be able to whisper?

Lemar: Only be able to whisper because *starts whispering* I would be so mysterious!


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