Wow – now thats a big egg

ANIMALS Egg 182408Matilda, a hen who lives in Ipswich, has laid an egg four times the size of a normal hens egg

According to her owner, Matilda has only ever produced four eggs in her life, so it must have been a shock when she laid one which was four times bigger than the average chicken egg.

Her owner, Mark Cornish, said the egg is about 9cm (3.5in) high and has a circumference of 21cm (8.3in).

Mr Cornish said he was extremely shocked when he pulled the enormous egg out of the hutch at the bottom of his garden.  “I was so surprised, I thought a goose must have got in there by mistake.  It does not look as though a chicken would have laid it. I think it is four times bigger than a normal egg”

Mr Cornish has kept four hens – Matilda, Phyllis, Ada and Polly, in their garden for the past six months.  Despite her effort, Matilda sadly did not make the top of the world record charts.

The largest hen egg was a five-yolked egg measuring 31cm (12.2in) around the long axis, 22.8cm (9in) around the short and weighing nearly 340g (12oz). It was laid by a Black Minorca in 1896.

We say, well done though Matilda – right, where’s my bread?

Egg 2