Your Scrapbook Entries from Australia!

Your Australian Scrapbook!


Zoom2.ashx_Hi, it’s Zoom here from Birmingham Airport!

And I’ve been keeping track of all of your adventures!

When I’m not hanging out in the Sky Zone, I’m jetting off around the world – exploring some of the amazing places you can visit flying from Birmingham Airport!

I’ve seen so many countries and cities it’s hard to keep track of them all – so it’s lucky I’ve got my trusty scrapbook!

And it looks like you’ve been creating your very own scrapbook entries on your adventures at home or abroad too.

Here are your scrapbook entries from Australia!



Australia is a country and continent at the same time, it’s so big! It’s surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. There are big citites to explore like Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and the capital city, Canberra. It’s really famous for the Great barrier Reef, the Outback and all kinds of weird and wonderful animals like Koalas, Kangaroos and Platypuses!

Madison went to Australia!

We visited three different states first Sydney & visits the Sydney Opera house & went on a boat ride around Darling Harbour then we went onto Queensland to Elie Beach & went on a three hour boat ride to the amazing Great Barrier Reef & I did some scuba diving. In Mackay, Queensland I met cousins I had never met before & my Great Granny who is 93. Then we went to Perth WA & I saw my cousins who I do not see often enough. All of it was the best & I I am very lucky for going at such a young age.

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