Your Scrapbook Entries from Belgium!

Your Belgian Scrapbook!


Zoom2.ashx_Hi, it’s Zoom here from Birmingham Airport!

And I’ve been keeping track of all of your adventures!

When I’m not hanging out in the Sky Zone, I’m jetting off around the world – exploring some of the amazing places you can visit flying from Birmingham Airport!

I’ve seen so many countries and cities it’s hard to keep track of them all – so it’s lucky I’ve got my trusty scrapbook!

And it looks like you’ve been creating your very own scrapbook entries on your adventures at home or abroad too.

Here are your scrapbook entries from Belgium!



Belgium is a small country in between France, the Netherlands and Germany. Its well-known for its old town, chocolate, and different laungauges. There are 4 main languages spoken in Belgium – Dutch, French and Flemish. The capital city, Brussels is home to museums, cafes, the beautiful Grand Palace and of course, lots of chocolate shops!

Katie from Southampton went to Belgium!

When we went on holiday to France we went to Belgium for a few days. One of the places we visited was called Gravensteen Castle in Ghent. Gravensteen castle is known as castle of the counts and dates back to the middle ages.The best bit was the view from the top of the castle, it is a magnificent castle which my family and I really enjoyed visiting.

Roxanna from Wendover went to Bruges!

Me, my mum & daddy and two brothers Matt and Jordy and sister Charlie went on a huge massive ship called the Oceana to Bruges. I loved the ship, my dad spent most of the first night on the toilet as he had soup and was sea-sick. The next day we got to Bruges and it was boring at first. We went on the tour and I cried because I missed my cats Ninja and Ember, but Mummy gave me an ice-cream and I felt better. On the tour we saw Horses and they would go round the town, and me and Charlie begged and begged to go on, but when we did get on one, my sister Charlie started to cry because she needed the toilet, and mummy looked stressed, so we had to get off early and I was upset but it was ok because mummy climbed down straight into a puddle of horse wee which made me and my sister laugh. We had to search for a loo for Charlie and mummy said that she would need a holiday after this to get over this holiday! My brother was moaning because his football team Leeds were playing and his friend was going to the match but he was stuck with us, but then daddy bought us the biggest box of chocolates and we had a great time eating them. Then, the best bit was daddy took us to the lake of love (The Minnewater) and he gave mummy an eternity ring, and asked her to marry him again! They got engaged here ten years ago and he wanted to renew their vows. Mummy was crying and very happy with daddy. We went to buy presents for our family and I got my best friend a christmas decoration that said Bruges on it. I had the best time, and the best bit was when mummy stepped in the horse wee.

So did William from Shaw!

Bruges in Belgium had something for all my family. I love chocolate and there are lots of chocolate shops in the little streets of Bruges. We even had chocolate on our Belgian Waffles for breakfast one day. My sister loves chips and Belgium is famous for twice fried frites and the best place to buy them from is from one of the stalls in the main market square. You get a wonderful view of the market place from the top of the belfry tower. They even rang the bells when we were at the top. And of course Belgium is famous for its Beers. I think this is why Daddy wanted us to go there. He had so much choice he couldn’t try them all. You can also sail around the town in a boat or ride in a horse driven cab. Mummy liked to see the Madonna with child by Michaelangelo and thought it was funny when my sister said it didn’t look much like Madonna. But the bit I liked the most is how the building roofs look like they have been built in Minecraft blocks.

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