Your Scrapbook Entries from England!

Your England Scrapbook!


Zoom2.ashx_Hi, it’s Zoom here from Birmingham Airport!

And I’ve been keeping track of all of your adventures!

When I’m not hanging out in the Sky Zone, I’m jetting off around the world – exploring some of the amazing places you can visit flying from Birmingham Airport!

I’ve seen so many countries and cities it’s hard to keep track of them all – so it’s lucky I’ve got my trusty scrapbook!

And it looks like you’ve been creating your very own scrapbook entries on your adventures at home or abroad too.

Here are your scrapbook entries from England!

Beach Holidays


There are lots of lovely beaches in England, and lots of things to do whilst you’re there! Here are some of your beach holiday scrapbook entries.

looe bayIzzy from Worcester went to Looe in Cornwall!

The harbour was beautiful and I caught a picture perfect moment on camera when the sun was shining, the sky was blue and the water was still. So picturesque and quaint. The villagers were friendly and pointed out all the good places to eat!

Freddie from Cobham also went to Cornwall!

I did a lot of surfing and body boarding. The waves were crashing down like thunder. I went to a lot of nice restaurants and saw some incredibly cute baby lobsters in a hatchery. The annoying thing was that our wetsuits were extremely tight and we had to put all our strength into getting them on. I was very sad when the day came to leave. My week there was up. I said good bye to all my friends and family, got into the car, and settled down for the long journey home. What a week it had been.

And Erin from Devon went to Cornwall, too!

We went to Hayle, St Ives,  Newquay, Perranporth,  we loved paradise park and the best bit was Cornwalla crealy, Cornwall has the best ice cream ever! And it’s so pretty, the sea is so blue and clear.

Wilson from Shieldhill went to Blackpool!

I saw the big tower, and the fun fair. I ate Blackpool Rock and fish and chips. I had a ride on a horse on the beach and swam in a pool outside. The best bit was the bubbles in the jacuzzi bath at our hotel.

NewquayRoxanna from Aylesbury went to Newquay!

My Mummy & Daddy took me and my two brothers and sister to Newquay! We had to drive 9 hours in the car, and we all get car-sickness, that was not a fun bit! When we got to the caravan park, me and my sister ran round and round the caravan, this was our first family holiday! My favourite bit was sleeping in the caravan, we had our own bedroom and even a t.v. The best best part though was the beach. The sand was soft like a silky bed, and the sea was clean and bluey, and the sky was blue and the sun was shining. I want to go back right now!

Xander from Sheffield went to Scarborough!

We went to the beach and paddled in the sea. We saw fishes and sharks and an octopus at Sealife. My favourite bit was the castle! I fought the black knights with my sword and shield and protected the castle from the forces of evil.

Faith from Lieghton Buzzard went to Jersey!

When we traveled to Jersey we went by Ferry and we saw different fish and lots of people. When we got there we went to the campsite since we were camping and the set up. Later that night we went bodyboarding and took part in activities that the campsite held every night, some of the activities were: Bingo, Jerseys’ Got Talent, a cream cracker competition and many more. On other days we went to the swimming pools, did more body boarding and we also did jet skiing but I think my favourite part of the holiday was jet skiing because it was my first time doing it and it was really fun.

Emily from Bristol went to Devon!

We took Daddy away for a couple of nights so he could have a little break from work for his birthday. We only stayed at a little B&B near Honition but it was really nice – they had loads of dogs and one by my nickname, Emmy! We went to lots of places nearby (Beer, Branscombe & West Bay) and I paddled in the sea at all of them. I love it, paddling was definitely my best bit! And we had tuna, prawn & crab sandwiches by the sea. We also went to the Donkey Sanctuary near Sidmouth – it was nice to see the donkeys happy in their new forever home as some of them had quite sad stories from their lives before. This was only a little trip as we haven’t had a big holiday this summer – but it was a really nice few days.

Devon maxwellMaxwell from Peterbrough went to Devon too!

We went on a camping trip to Devon in June. We stayed in our fab new tent. We went to lots of different beaches including big bury in sea which is just beautiful, the sea parts in the middle and you can walk across to burgh island and view the beautiful Devon coast from the top of some ruins. Also we saw 3 dead barrel jellyfish! And did lots of exploring in rocks for crabs. We also visited an awesome farm called pennywell farm, we got to hold baby pigs, pigmy pigs, rabbits, guinea pigs and we watched the pigs race! It was an awesome holiday!

Zaidan from Coventry went to Brighton! 

I visited The Sea Life Centre, the beach and the pier. I enjoyed eating my ice cream on the seafront but had to avoid the seagulls trying to steal it! I also enjoyed collecting shells and stones which I took home. I brought some rock for nanny and granddad.

Sommer from Royal Leamington Spa went to Bornemouth!

We went to Bournemouth to see the Air Show, we stayed for 3 days in a lodge. I played in the sea and the planes flew high up over my head it was amazing ,I made lots of sand castles with my two brothers and sister. There were big boats and ships in the sea, the sea was freezing cold. The Sun was so hot and we ate Ice cream and sat in Deck chairs. The best bit was the Red Arrows flying over and doing lots of stunts in the sky, they flew so low. It was a great holiday and we might be able to go again next year.

Joel bornemouthJoel from Leicestershire went to Bournemouth!

We arrived at our caravan and we chose the smallest room! After we met friends in Christchurch we went swimming. It was at our caravan. I practised jumping in and Daddy caught me.the Alice Lyle was in the New forest. I saw lots of fern. We went to the stream and splashed and splashed. Mummy found a nest and I found a robin egg. At the Dorset Heavy Horse Centre I rode on Joey the big brown horse, groomed Cinderella, Iona pulled a big carrige with us in and we went on Alice the little pony. We went to Swanage on the ferry and the train. When we got there we went on the beach and bought some beautiful shells. We also went in the curiosity shop which I loved. My best bit was being on holiday for a week.

Amber from Blairdale went to the Isle of Barr in the Outer Hebrides! 

Only place in the world the aeroplane lands on a beach! Lots of beaches and sand dunes, rocks to climb, seals in the bay. Went kayaking in the sea too, it was amazing. Watched the fishermen catch red lobster but my mum wouldn’t let me hold it

Izzie from Leeds went to Yorkshire!

I went on holiday with my baby brother, Theo, mummy, daddy, grandma and grandpa. We went to Dalby Forest and did the Superworm Trail and met the Gruffalo. He was covered in spiders – I don’t like spiders! We went puddle jumping at Lotherton Hall and saw my favourite birds, the flamingoes. I like them because they are pink. We visited Scarborough. I went on a little train and saw the pretend ships at Peasholm Park. We waved flags and ate ice cream. It was very noisy! I went to a playground and had slide races with my brother. That was so fun. We went to the beach at Whitby. This was the best day. I dug a big hole, made sandcastles, collected stones and ran in the sea. The sea was very cold. My brother paddled for the first time and loved it.

Summer from Coulsdon went to Charmouth!

We went camping in a big tent and slept on a wobbly air bed. In the day we went to the beach and bounced on the trampolines and went really fast on the helter skelter. After that we bought a net to try & catch some crabs. I was on my dad’s team and we won, we caught 4 crabs and mum only caught 3, we also caught lots of shrimp. Crabbing was the best part of the holiday. We had ice creams and built sandcastle and went swimming in the sea too. It did rain a lot but it was still fun.

Ruby from Fife went to Northern Ireland!

Well, Northern Ireland is a spectacular place! We lived in a small town called Ballycastle, and it was right beside the seaside. We did so many amazing things! I visited my Irish cousins, who great! We went to a place called The Jet Center and did some bowling! I came 2nd! Took a trip to the Rope Bridge, was very brave and crossed it! Walked over Giant’s Causeway and took some amazing photos! Went to a swimming pool called Water World that had some cool slides. After, went to a theme park/amusements called Barry’s! It was fantastic. Went for my dinner with my Irish family at a lovely restaurant. And after we went to play at a park, and my brother slipped on some mud and fell! But my overall favourite bit had to be….. EVERYTHING!!!!

Jamie-Lee from Cheshire went to Cleethorpes!

Me and my family stayed in a caravan when we were at Cleethorpes. We did lots of fun things like bowling,swimming,playing at the magic castle- we even went on the arcades. My favourite part was when I went to pleasure island with my friend because there were so many cool rides! I went on loads and I got to see lots of animals too! overall I really enjoyed staying at Cleethorpes- I had tons of fun!

Lucas from Market Harborough went to the Isle of Man!

We traveled all over the island using the cheap transport systems; trains, trams, buses and horse drawn carriages all on the same ticket. We visited the Laxey Wheel and rode up to the top of Snaefel. The castle and museums in Peel were wonderful as well as the many pretty ports and beaches.

Riley from Sunderland went to Wooler in Northumberland!

We stayed in a caravan for a week at Wooler with Nana and family and it was my best holiday ever. I loved the parks and we visited a big river where we had fun with dinghy and fished. On a night we went to the club for party games and face painting and had pizza and drinks.




We’re really lucky to have some amazing castles in England! Not only that, but there’s lots of things to do too. Some of you even got to try some archery and explore the dungeons.

comwySophie from Stoke-on-Trent went to Conwy in Wales!

We stayed in our caravan and played on the beach. Then we went to visit the big castle and climbed up to the towers. There were lots of dark tunnels and places where you could hide which was fun. We also went to see the smallest house which was very tiny – I think my dolls could live there!

Toby from Bristol went to Warwick Castle!

We went glamping at Warwick Castle for my birthday treat – it was so much fun! You get a two day ticket into the Castle grounds so we did loads of exploring, walked all the castle ramparts pretending we were shooting arrows from the high walls, but the best bit for me was the Birds of Prey shows. They had some amazing birds but my favourite was the Andean Condor – she was huge when she swooped around the arena. At night we stayed in a medieval tent which was awesome. We did lots of activities including archery, Knights School and Jesters School and went into a big banqueting tent for a medieval feast. We finished off the night sitting outside drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows making up medieval stories. It was a brilliant trip – I really loved it.

Ben from Exeter went to Warwick Castle too!

Amazing castle to see, walked the ramparts imaging what it would have been like to have lived back in those days.  The best bit was The Dungeon tour, the staff made it a day to remember.


Zoos and Safari Parks


Zoos are great places to learn about animals all around the world. Some of you even got to feed the animal yourselves!

Marcus from Lincoln went to Twycross Zoo!

We saw lots of different monkeys, my favorite was the Orangutan, granddad drove us there and we had a great day.  There were dinosaur there too and granddad brought me my own dinosaur, but not a real one it wouldn’t fit in my house.

237-2648d1d2183e88bcddeb2f53f2fda279_Chester+ZOO+Islands (1)Alex from Merseyside went to Chester Zoo!

I saw the elephants and lions and the tiger cubs. I loved watching the penguins eating fish underwater. I went to see the Islands and collected lots of animal badges with the Islands Explorer Trail but was avoiding the bins because there were lots of wasps around them on a hot day and I already got 2 stings in the morning in Chester Zoo Cafe where Mummy was having a coffee. The best bit was the Zookeeper Training Camp which I did with my little brother, we had to feed the animals and collect the animal poo and we got a certificate and a sticker at the end. It was the best day ever and I can’t wait to go back when the second part of the Islands is open!

Louise from Hartcliffe went to Longleat Safari Park!

I went to Longleat Safari Park with my family it was amazing we got to go around in the car on a safari trail it was great we seen giraffes, lemurs,zebras,monkeys,lions,tigers and loads more. I loved it when the monkeys were jumping on our car shame my sister didn’t she was screaming her head off but it was funny. After the safari we parked the car and went for a walk around the rest of the park it was brilliant I loved it when we went in the bat cave they were flying above us. We learnt so many different thing about animals that we didn’t know anteaters carry there baby’s on there back it was adorable. My favourite part was walking with the Penguins we were so close to them. The most exciting was touching the stingrays they felt slimy and rubbery. It was a great family day out I can’t wait to go again.

Alfie from Plymouth went to Longleat Safari Park too!

We saw lions and tigers and wolves. The lioness walked around our car and looked in the window at me. The monkeys sat on our car and tried to drink the screen wash.

colchester zoo goatAlfie from Harwich went to Colchester Zoo!

I got to feed the giraffes, elephants and cute baby goats. I got to hold and stroke a snake. We had a picnic lunch with lots of sandwiches and I got to play in the park! My favourite part of the day was getting to play with the baby goats and spend time with my family.


Parks and Nature Reserves


We have lots of nature reserves and parks to spot some wildlife here in the UK. Elissa got to see some wild ponies in the New Forest, and Paige got to see lots of different birds of prey!

99-539ca1414fa4a436b2cf6a3733af06d5_imageIsobelle from Medway went to Hauling Island!

I spent time on the beach, watching people wind surf. I saw lots of wildlife. I saw birds and crabs. The sun was shining and looked beautiful on the sea. I had a picnic with my family. We had a really lovely happy day.

Rory from Servington went to Bibury!

We visited the Trout Farm in Bibury, where you can walk around the lakes with all the trout in; each lake has different size trout in them – some are small and others are really big!  The best bit is that you can actually buy fish food and feed the fish.  When you throw the food into the water, the trout all come to the top of the water at the same time to beat each other to get the food and it looks as if the water is boiling all over the surface in one place.  There are some ducks there too, and they like the fish food as well, so I like feeding them a bit.  It’s awesome to watch the fish jumping up to the surface and over the top of each other in their mad brawl to get to the food!! My sisters love going to Bibury as well (and so do my parents!!).  We then go and have a Mr Whippy ice cream with a flake in it and sit on the wall across the road.  We love Bibury!

Paige from Bedford went to the Bird of Prey Centre in Bedfordshire!

We saw lots and lots of different birds of prey. We flew different types of owls and falcons and learnt all about how to look after them. The best bit was holding the Barn Owl called Oreo.

victoria parkLottie from Penketh went to Victoria Park in Cheshire!

What a lot of fun you can have at a park. We started in the butterfly park, I was amazed as they flew right in front of me, I thought I would be able to touch them but they flew away! Then we played football but my brother was cheating by distracting me, I tried to climb a tree like the squirrels but it takes a lot of skill, we had a picnic among the flowers, I went to feed the ducks but the greedy swans kept eating the bread, I flew high in the sky on the swings (though not quite as high as a plane!), I got some of my giant ice-cream into my mouth. Best of all was playing in the water park fountains, I giggled and giggled. Great memories!

Elissa from Portsmouth went to the New Forest!

I went camping in the forest with my family including Great Nanny who is 90 years old. We ate marshmallows on sticks and met New Forest ponies who tried to pinch chocolate biscuits from our tent.




Museums are really cool because there are loads of activities to do! Robbie and Edie had some great adventures at the Birmingham Thinktank Science Museum, and Sophie form Amesbury went to lots of museums in London.

thinktankEdie from Newcastle went to the Birmingham Thinktank Science Museum!

We had a long drive to Birmingham. Mummy was taking us to the Think Tank Science Museum. Once we had parked the car we went into the Think Tank. Mummy paid and we ran in. First we went to a rubbish recyle place where me and my little sister had fun collecting the rubbish off the conveyor belt and putting it in the right recyle places. I learnt that our rubbish is melted or crumbled up and made into new things. I like that my tin of baked beans from yesterday’s lunch could end up being a plane. My mum wanted to see an old plane called a Spitfire I was excited as I thought we would be able to go inside it. Mum told us that we couldn’t as it was hanging from the ceiling. When we got to the Spitfire we dressed up as pilots and pretended to fly the plane in a mock up of the Spitfires cockpit, we pressed a button and we had real plane sounds. In the dressing up they had hats and goggles. It was fun and we played a long time here. The Think Tank has an outside area with lots of water activities I got very wet but luckily mum knows I love water and had bought spare clothes. Soon they were closing I didn’t want to leave, mum promised to bring me back again. My favourite bit of the day was pretending to be pilots and fly the plane, I just wish we could have gone in a real plane!

Robbie Johnson from Northampton went to the Birmingham Thinktank Science Museum too!

We saw many things and played a lot. The science centre has so many brilliant things for children and adults alike to enjoy. It’s a great day out for the family and our favourite bit is the outdoor play area, full of unique contraptions to interact with. There is a water cannon, giant hamster wheel, a cart with square, circle and triangle wheels….too much to list! I highly recommend it.

Sophie londonSophie from Amesbury went to London!

We stayed in a hotel a visited the Science Museum, Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the London Eye, London Dungeons and the Tower of London. My favourite time was when we went to Hyde Park and fed the squirrels. They took food from my hand and ran up our legs.

Charlie from Cheshire went to Yorkshire!

Last weekend we went to an amazing festival in Yorkshire called Deershed. It’s designed for families and we had an absolutely fantastic time. There was a musical weekend of course, which dad liked, but for me the best bits were the craft marquees, a whole field of swing balls, and a science tent where you could do anything you like, all for free.  And I’m old enough to go off with my friends, and it’s a very safe festival, so mum and dad didn’t worry about me. There was lots of lovely food to eat and it was a really wonderful atmosphere.   I can’t wait to go again next year, and hopefully take some of my friends with me!

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