Your Scrapbook Entries from the Americas!

Your Americas Scrapbook!


Zoom2.ashx_Hi, it’s Zoom here from Birmingham Airport!

And I’ve been keeping track of all of your adventures!

When I’m not hanging out in the Sky Zone, I’m jetting off around the world – exploring some of the amazing places you can visit flying from Birmingham Airport!

I’ve seen so many countries and cities it’s hard to keep track of them all – so it’s lucky I’ve got my trusty scrapbook!

And it looks like you’ve been creating your very own scrapbook entries on your adventures at home or abroad too.

Here are your scrapbook entries from the Americas!



Canada sits between the USA in the south to the Arctic in the north. there are big cities to explore, like Toronto, Montreal and Quebec. This is also home to the Rocky Mountains, which are great for hiking and trekking.

joshua-and-daniel-canadaJoshua and Daniel from Tonbridge went to Canada!

We stayed in Whistler and went right to the VERY VERY top of Whistler mountain. This meant we first went 30 minutes in a gondola really high up and then on an open chair lift EVEN HIGHER to get to the very summit! It went over a huge deep crevasse on the glacier. Even though it was August, there was snow up there! Awesome!!! Here’s a photo of me and my brother literally at the top of the world.

At Whytecliffe Beach in Vancouver, we walked across some rocks where I got to see some wild seals really close up. There was a mother seal and a BABY seal pup and the mum was feeding the baby. In my photo you can see just how close I could get to them. It was incredible!


The Grand Canyon, USA


The Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA, is 10 miles across and a mile deep along its 277-mile length. It was formed by ancient rivers millions of year ago!

Joseph from Chelmsford went to the Grand Canyon!

We travelled to the Grand Canyon – it was awesome. It took ages to get there, but the views were amazing. The best bit (other than the views) was the wildlife. We saw loads of birds and squirrels. The squirrels were really funny and they didn’t run away at all – one even ran into a ladies bag – I think he was looking for food – but you are not allowed to feed them.




Guatemala is in Central America, just south of Mexico. There are lots of volcanoes, rainforests and lots of historical Mayan sites. There are lots of museums and Spanish buildings to see in the capital city, Guatemala City. Antigua is nearby to Guatemala City, which is in the middle of lots of volcanoes. It also used to be the capital city of Guatemala until a volcano erupted in 1773.

Ciaran from Foveram went to Guatemala!

I saw volcanos which are dangerous. I saw ash and smoke. They were big. I didn’t play on the volcanos because they are dangerous. I went to a wedding and I was the ring bearer. I bought an Angry Bird ball from the Guatemalan ladies. The best bit was playing with Marco and going into the cockpit of the big plane.




Mexico is just south of the USA. It has lots of mountains, deserts and jungles. There are ancient Aztec and Mayan ruins to explore, cities with Spanish buildings, and the capital, Mexico City to see with it’s shops, museums and restaurants.

Daniel from derby went to Mexico!

We visited Azul beach hotel, Rivera Maya for my cousin Richard and his wife, Lisa’s wedding. During our 10 night stay we saw much of the wildlife such as Iguanas and Coaties. We visited Playa Del Carmen for an insight into the Mexican lifestyle. We spent a day at Xel-Ha; a huge tourist attraction that suited the wedding party of 14 very well. But my personal favourite of all trips was Delphinus where we swam with Dolphins- it was magical! Of course my favourite day overall was the wedding day. I was a bridesmaid alongside my cousin and Lisa looked absolutely stunning. I couldn’t fault the vacation, it was the first wedding I’ve been to and a wedding on the beach in sunny Mexico isn’t too bad for a first, we contacted outer banks rentals and that definitely made it extra easy for us because we didn’t have to worry about the trip whatsoever!

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