Your top video game powers!


We wanted to know what powers from video games you would want to use in real life!


David Baddiel has written another book, and it’s called The Person Controller!

Fred and Ellie are twins, and they like the same things. They’re really good at playing video games, but they’re not so great at dealing with school bullies or football.

They meet the Mystery Man one day and he sends them a video game contoller. It doesn’t really look like a controller you might have seen before, and it doesn’t really play games.

Imagine being able to be able to run really fast like Sonic or play football like Messi! Well, that’s what happens to Fred and Ellie, and it seems to solve all their problems, for a while anyway!

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We wanted to know what sort of powers from video games you’d like to use in real life!

Loads and loads of you got in touch and here are your top picks!

5. X Ray vision


“X-Ray vision so I could see through walls!”

  • Courtney, 14

4. Flying

Woman flying through sky, side view

“Flying like Superman!”

  • Alexander, 10

“Flying is one of the best super powers!”

  • Winghoi, 12

“Flying because I could zoom anywhere without having to make my legs hurt!”

  • Teo, 8

3. Super speed


“Super speed like Sonic the Hedgehog!”

  • Ria, 8

“Speed boost to make me really fast and coin doubler so I could treat all my friends to an ice cream!”

  • Charlie, 7

2. Teleportation


“I’d like to teleport to the other side of the world and see my relatives”

  • Ben, 10

“I would like to be able to teleport like in Portal so I wouldn’t have to walk for long”

  • James, 9

1. Invisibility


“Definitely invisibility. I would love to hear what teachers talk about!”

  • Ellen-May, 11

“I would like to be invisible so i can play tricks on my baby sister”

  • Grace, 8

“I’d like to be invisible so i did not have to tidy my room”

  • Tyler, 5

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