YouTube Star FreddeGedde with Amazing New Cartoon Medley!

freddegeddeWe know that there are a lot of great YouTube stars out there at the moment, but we do not think there is anyone that makes us smile quite as much as Fredrik Larsson, aka FreddeGedde!

You may remember a little while ago he released the incredibly popular video ‘TV Theme Song Medley’. If you want a reminder, click here to see the video again!

Well, if possible, he seems to have gone one step better with a solid seven minute video featuring all the theme songs from our favourite cartoons. Featuring the likes of Duck Tales, Ghostbusters, Inspector Gadget, Darkwing Duck, Dexter’s Laboratory – and pretty much every other cartoon theme song ever created! – this is the perfect video to make you happy for the rest of the day! We were especially happy when Tale Spin came along! It’s obvious this teen know how to make money with videos.

Check out the video below, and let us know whether you think he has missed any out, as impossible as that seems!

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