Frankie and the World Cup Carnival by Frank Lampard!


Frankie World CupIf you’re a fan of football, adventure or both, then check out Frankie’s Magic Football. It’s a series of adventure books actually written by the footballing legend Frank Lampard!

The stories are all about Frankie and his football team taking on some of the most unusual opponents ever, thanks to a magic football.

And now there’s a brand new book in the series for you to get, called Frankie and the World Cup Carnival.

Frankie and the World Cup Carnival is his biggest adventure yet and sees him magic-ed to Brazil to help take the England team to World Cup victory. Can he save the tournament?

In this World Cup special, Frankie and his friends have to track down three key things to help England win the World Cup: the referee’s whistle, a football and the trophy. Their adventures take them through a jungle, a Rio carnival and onto the beach for a game that could change the history of the tournament.

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