Lonely Planet’s new books, How Animals Build and The Animal Book, out now!

If you love animals, you're in luck...

Animals are all around us, but sometimes we forget just how remarkable they are!

These two books explore the amazing world of animals.

You can learn about some of the world’s most weird and wonderful creatures, from those you can spot in your back garden to more endangered species in jungles, deserts and freezing oceans!

In [amazon_textlink asin=’1786576627′ text=’How Animals Build’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’funkids-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’5e1b973c-7e71-11e7-9a0e-fd3b6188330b’], you can open flaps and unfold parts of the book to discover amazing animal homes up high, underground, on land, and under the sea.

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Do bees need cement mixers to build hives? Do beavers use cranes to construct dams? Of course not! These animal architects are building geniuses who don’t need building site tools to create incredible homes…

From spider webs and rabbit warrens, to bird nests and ant colonies, and even coral reefs and beaver lodges, we reveal the secrets to these extraordinary structures and how they’re built.

[amazon_textlink asin=’1786574330′ text=’The Animal Book’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’funkids-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’6cddd19b-7e71-11e7-8509-e706047e5fec’] is a massive encyclopedia featuring over 100 animals, from the grey wolf and green anaconda, to the bald eagle and emperor penguin.

Not only will you learn all about them, you’ll also find out about how people are helping conservation efforts to protect our wildlife and the planet around us.

Packed with facts and illustrations, these books will let you discover the animal kingdom like never before!

[amazon_link asins=’1786574330,1786576627′ template=’ProductGrid’ store=’funkids-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’4f63bc62-7e71-11e7-8041-19cf34cc32d2′]

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