5 Steps To Be A Slapstick Genius

So out on 22nd August is the new comedy The Three Stooges.

It follows three boys – Larry, Curly, and Moe – who end up at an orphanage and waste no time causing all sorts of havoc! But years later, with the orphanage forced to close its doors, the tree grown Stooges embark on a mission to save their former home.

This may be tricky though as all three of them seem to be idiots!

The Three Stooges is packed with slapstick comedy and in case you’re inspired, here’s our 5 easy steps to becoming a slapstick genius like them!

Step 1.
Watch the greats in action to get an idea of what good slapstick looks like, like The Three Stooges, Mr Bean or The Chuckle Brothers.

Step 2.
Find a partner and decide who is the ‘straight man’ and who’s the ‘gag guy’. The straight man is the more intelligent of the two but ends up suffering because of the  gag guy’s stupidity!

Step 3.
Perfect your chemistry and work out the right time to end a conversation with a hair-tug, eye poke or good old slap across the face. It’s all fake though, make sure you don’t hurt each other!

Step 4.
Engage in a serious conversation with a stuffy and strict figure. When the situation escalates, hit the man in the face with a pie and make your escape as he’s  blinded by cream.

Step 5.
Employ doors, walls, cabinets and any other hard surfaces to give more power to the punchline.