A right royal day out in London

tower_of_londonHave a right royal time at London’s world-famous landmarks

We all know about England’s famous Kings and Queens of old – but how much do we really know? Maybe its time to revisit the amazing heritage that’s right on our doorstep, and discover tales of pageantry, bravery, love… and perhaps even a little treachery along the way!

Some of the most famous Kings and Queens of England resided in stylish Kensington Palace. With its finery and finesse, it’s quite a spectacle – and its sunken gardens are welcome relief from the hustle and bustle of the city. Bursting with stories, from William and Mary to the death of Princess Di, it’s a fascinating and beautiful place to visit (but just around the corner from one London’s swankiest shopping streets!).

Perhaps even more resplendent, the wonderful, sprawling Hampton Court was the favourite home of one of our most famous – or infamous monarchs, King Henry VIII. The buildings, grounds and its many exhibitions are great to explore, and what’s especially enjoyable is the world famous Hampton Court Maze – it’s a good idea to double check that you’ve got your phone with you before you enter, so you can let people know if you get lost!

At The London Bridge Experience there’s, perhaps surprisingly, much more to do than you’d be forgiven for thinking. In an amazing, interactive recreation of times past, you get to see, hear, taste and even smell what life around London Bridge was like through the ages, and they actively encourage you to join in the fun and have a laugh – so be prepared!

The Yeoman guards who work there are full of terrifying tales about The Tower of London which they’re only too happy to tell you as they show you around this magnificent symbol of London that’s positively dripping with horrible history. The crown jewels may be under armed guard but they’ll happily let you look at them, although, as with the notorious Ravens who also reside there – just don’t try to touch them!