Animate the World at the Barbican (4 to 12 April 2009)


Animate The World is the UK’s most family friendly assembly of all things animated.

UK premieres for children include Impy’s Wonderland.  And other children’s treats include Sunshine Barry and the Disco Worms and Mia and the Migoo.

Saturday 4 April at 11.00am
monsters-vs-aliensMonsters vs Aliens (94min)
Prepare for the ultimate showdown when the world is threatened by multi-eyed aliens the last line of defence is a bunch of monster misfits more cute than deadly! Ginormica, a huge blonde beauty (voiced by Reese Witherspoon) is their reluctant leader but can she bring together their bizarre powers to form an army to protect the Earth? Fantastic comedy characters and out of this world CGI animation from Dreamworks.
Ages 5+

Saturday 4 April at 1.30pm
impy1impys-wonderlandImpy’s Wonderland (U*) (Germany, 84min) UK PREMIERE
Impy, the mischievous dragon, is lonely and longs for a playmate – but that doesn’t mean he wants an annoying little sister! Unfortunately, that’s exactly what he gets and she just won’t leave him alone. Soon the pair are off on an action-packed adventure that takes them to a brand-new theme park where the owner wants to turn Impy into the main attraction! This UK Premiere is a rollercoaster ride from start to finish. Dubbed
Ages 6+

Saturday 4 April at 3.45pm
mia-and-the-migooMia and the Migoo (PG*) (France, 91min)
On a rescue mission to save her dad, Mia reaches an idyllic lake that is home to a strange and friendly family of Migoos. These lovely creatures are guardians of a magical tree that protects the Earth. However, a mean developer has plans to build a hotel on the lake and it will take all of Mia and the Migoos’ courage to avert disaster. A gorgeous eco-animation full of excitement and delight.
In French with English subtitles
Ages 7+

Sunday 5 April at 11.00am
egon-and-donciEgon and Dönci (U*) (Hungary, 75min) UK PREMIERE
Egon is an inventor who wants nothing more than to reach alien planets and travel the galaxy but his pet cat, Dönci, is more interested in snacking than space. However, the pair set off in their DIY spaceship to boldly go where no man (and cat) have gone before and soon they are shooting through the stars, getting studied by aliens and crash landing all over the place! ATW audiences will be the first in the UK to see this super-fabulous space story!
No dialogue
Ages 5+

Sunday 5 April at 1.30pm
sunshine-barry-and-the-disco-wormsSunshine Barry and the Disco Worms (U*) (Denmark 75min)
Not content with his job at the compost factory, Barry the worm longs to be a star. And not just any star: a funk-tastic, all-grooving disco star. But with no arms, no talent and no rhythm, how will his dreams of disco come true? Look out for worm versions of classics such as I Will Survive, Play that Funky Music and Disco Inferno – ATW09’s grooviest animation!
In Danish with English subtitles
Ages 6+

Sunday 5 April at 4.00pm
aladdinSing-a-long Aladdin (U) (US, 90 mins)
A fun and magical carpet ride into a whole new world, this special sing-a-long screening of Aladdin aims to have audiences tapping their toes and humming the tunes for days afterwards. Jafar, the sultan’s evil advisor, tricks Aladdin into retrieving a magic lamp for him that will grant three wishes. Aladdin finds the lamp but uses it to turn himself into a Prince to woo the beautiful Princess Jasmine.
Things, however, do not go according to plan…  Disney’s brand of classic animation is a beauty to behold on the Barbican’s big screen.
Ages 6+

Animate Activities
ATW09 attendees can work with some of the best animators in town to create their own characters and make them come to life. Many of the films in the festival have related workshops – from Claymation to Character Creation and Special Effects. There are also workshops specifically for adults too.

Drop-In Zone  – Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 April, 10.00am to 4.00pm – free!
Especially for families to watch short films on the big screen, get involved in one of the drop-in animation activities, bring a picnic and relax.

Animate in a Day – Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 April, 11.00am to 3.30pm
A more in depth animation workshop especially for our younger audience. Participants can , learn how to make characters, animate them,add sound and create their own short animation film.

Be a Disco Worm – Sunday 5 April, 11.00am to 1.00pm
Do you love disco? Then come along to this workshop, learn the moves and boogie!

Sing-a-long-Aladdin workshop – Sunday 5 April, 1.30pm – 3.30pm
Warm up your vocal chords and get ready for the big Aladdin sing-along. Learn songs from the movie with our  professional singers and film hosts. Guaranteed to help you get the most from your movie experience!

Ticket prices:
Animate Junior:
Films £5.50 / £4.00 FFC members
Workshops £5.00
Workshop + Film £8.50 full price / £7.50 FFC members
Animate in a day £10.00

Animate Advanced and other screenings
Standard £7.50 online (£9.50 full price)
Barbican Members £6.50 online (£7.50 full price)
Concessions £7.50
Under 15 £5.50
Workshops £5.00

Barbican Centre
Silk Street