Aquasplash and Planet Ice @ Leisureworld, Hemel Hempstead

80208beach are aqua splashAt Leisureworld Hemel Hempstead, you can have fun with all water – liquid and frozen!

There is Aquasplash, a cool indoor water theme park set in a tropical themed Aztec jungle.

There’s a total of six exciting rides and slides as well as loads of other fun things to do, such as a space bowl, super flume, tyre ride, multi slide, lazyriver, drag race and rushing rapids.

Then if you want something even cooler, you can dry yourself off and have a go at Planet Ice – a fun ice rink.

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Event Info


Admissions Price
2 Adults 2 Children £19.00
2 Adults 3 Children £23.50
Adult 2 Children £14.50
Skate Hire £2.00
Spectator Fee £1.70
Card Fee
Penguin Hire £3.00


Jarmans Park
Hemel Hempstead