Back Packs @ V&A Museum

backpacks_jpg_290x193_crop_q85Journey across the V&A with fantastic stories, games and multi-sensory materials. Choose from Back-Packs, trails or, for the under 5s, an Agent Animal bag.

Available every day 10.30–17.00, last pack given out at 16.00. Also available from the Main Entrance during school holidays.

The events are free, just drop in!

Here’s what you can choose from for this event:

• The Emperor’s Party
Imagine you are an Indian Emperor preparing for a spectacular party

• Chinese Treasures
Find out more about Chinese traditions and Chinese decorative art

• Metal Detector
Explore the design and construction of decorative ironwork

• The Antique Detective
Investigate the materials and construction of Victorian decorative arts

• Magic Glasses
Explore the colour, design and shape of decorative glass

• Fancy Furnishings
Learn what life was like for a rich lady and gentleman in Georgian Britain

• Time Traveller
Discover everyday life in Medieval Europe including what people wore, how they wrote and what they ate and drank

• Middle East Marvels
Explore amazing geometric patterns and discover special treasures from palaces and mosques

Agent Animal
For under 5 years
The children’s mission is to find 6 animals hiding in the Japan, China and South Asia Galleries. Bag contains audio map with buttons and four fabric sensory cubes.

Event Info:

When: Sat 27 December 2008 – Mon 31 December 2012

Where: Sackler Centre Reception

Price: FREE