Bat Boxes

Putting up a box for bats to shelter in. Bats need somewhere to hibernate in winter, and to have their babies in, and roost, in summer. There are not enough natural roost sites for bats. Dead trees with suitable holes tend to be chopped down. You can help by putting up a bat box. You don’t need to buy one – you can make one.

  • Its easy to build a bat box – check out the RSPB site for details of what you need and how to build one
  • Bats are very easily disturbed and are protected by law. To see whether your box has bats roosting in it, you need to watch it carefully at dusk on summer evenings and see if bats come out of it. It is against the law to look inside a box that you suspect has bats in it unless you have a special licence.

For further information, visit The Bat Conservation Trust’s website at

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