BedBUGS Sleepover @ ZSL London Zoo (16 to 17 July)

bed-bugs-8051Experience the zoo in a whole new light by taking part in our sleepovers in BUGS! at ZSL London Zoo.

Where will you sleep

Sleepovers will be within BUGS! so your neighbours could include spiders, beetles or tamarins, but don’t worry they’re all safely behind glass so they won’t bother you.

What will you get up to

As well as checking out the residents in BUGS! we’ll make sure you are kept busy right up until bedtime. There will be lots of activities which could include animal talks, tours, games or storytelling sessions – all animal themed of course!

You’ll also be taken on a night time tour around the zoo, this is your chance to find out what really goes on once all of the visitors and keepers have gone home.

Many of our animals are actually more active at night so you’ll see what they get up to as we search the zoo by torchlight.

Event Details:

Location: ZSL London Zoo

Times: 7pm to 9am

Ages: 11 – 14

Call 0207 449 6269 to book

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