Bike, Bus or Walk

Not using the car so much. Every time anyone drives a car fuelled with petrol or diesel, it puts greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, contributing to global warming. And, because we use our cars so much, governments keep building new roads – often through good bits of wildlife habitat. You can be part of the solution by using alternatives to the car wherever possible.

  • For one week, note down all the journeys you make, and how you make them.
  • Every time your journey involves a car, think about whether there is an alternative way you could travel. Could you have walked? Could you have cycled? Could you have got a bus? Could you have shared a lift with a friend? Write down the alternatives.
  • Where possible, change your habits. You probably can’t always choose how you travel, so you may need to persuade other people in your family to think about alternatives too.


  • If you have to use a car, try to make sure there’s more than one passenger. If your friends are going to and from the same place, you could maybe share a lift.  Remember to make sure your parent knows what you are doing.
  • Think about other journeys that you have taken, or are planning, not just what you are doing in one week.
  • Sometimes there really is no good alternative to using the car because the journey is too far to cycle or walk, and there is no public transport.

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