August events @ BFI – Blast Off on a Cosmic Exploration of Film & Space!

Take One Small Step into the summer holidays with BFI Southbank this August with celebrations of the 40th anniversary of the lunar landings.

Following the success of the One Giant Leap season, BFI Southbank will be transformed into an intergalactic hub packed with lunar-themed events, workshops and film screenings.


Family Workshops

  • For families (11 years and under) the BFI will be hosting twice weekly workshops that include animation, drawing and model making activity and screenings.
  • Each workshop will be followed by a screening of a family movie – choose from Bolt, E.T. or Space Chimp or come and see all three!
  • 4 – 27 Aug, Tuesdays and Thursdays – 12-2pm
  • FREE

Space School

  • Aged 11-16?
  • How about enrolling for the Space School?
  • With workshops about animation, sounds of distant galaxies and acting, plus outer-space experts and a host of films with a moon theme, if you’re fascinated by all things lunar the opportunities are as endless as space itself.
  • Tues 4 – Fri 7 Aug, 10-4pm
  • £15 per day

Film Funday – Magic on the Moon

  • Follow Wallace and Gromit in A Grand Day Out with Wallace and Gromit on their first and finest adventure, celebrate the work of early film-making pioneer Georges Méliès, watch The Clangers in all their glory, and all this is rounded off with a trip to Button Moon. Plus, we host a specially commissioned live performance of Space Oddity by Finchley Children’s Music Group.
  • Sun 19 July 13:00 NFT1
  • Members: £7.60, concs £5.25, Non-Members £9.00, concs £6.65, Under 16s £5.25

One Small Step: Moon Workshops

  • Have you been to Button Moon?
  • Is the moon made of cheese?
  • Create your own moon landscape and bring it to life in an animation workshop.
  • Write a moon adventure story to rival Wallace and Gromit.
  • Design a space rocket and blast it into our Funday competition for the chance to win some lunar–related prizes.
  • Sun 19 July 11:00 Foyer
  • FREE to ticket holders for Magic on the Moon programme
  • Meet Bob, the Man on the Moon and hear all about his work keeping the moon clean.
  • Bob doesn’t believe in aliens but you may spot a few hiding from him! Bob, the Man on the Moon is the best-selling picture book by award–winning author Simon Bartram.
  • Sun 19 July 10:40 – 11:20 NFT3
  • FREE to ticket holders for Magic on the Moon programme

Windows into Space

  • Across the summer we will be working with young people across arts forms and ages to help us turn our Project Space into an installation entirely created by the minds, skills and talents of our summer holiday attendees.
  • Friday 28th August from 4pm
  • FREE

Drop-in Workshops

  • Under 11s
  • Tuesday 18 August – Space monsters & aliens

Movie Magic

Five have a Mystery to Solve

  • A rare chance to feast your eyes on this smashing 60s serial based on the best-selling stories by Enid Blyton.
  • UK 1964 Dir Ernest Morris 6 episodes 97min U
  • Saturday 1 August


  • Raised on the set of a hit television show, Bolt believes he has amazing powers – like a devastating Superbark! But when he’s accidentally shipped to New York City, Bolt’s daredevil stunts no longer go according to plan.
  • USA 2008 Dir Chris Williams & Byron Howard. With voices of John Travolta, Miley Cyrus 103min Digital 2D U
  • Tue 4 Aug 11:00 NFT2 *Parent & Toddler screening
  • Tue 4 Aug 14:00 Studio
  • Thu 6 Aug 14:30 Studio
  • Tue 25 Aug 14:00 Studio
  • Thu 27 Aug 14:30 Studio
  • Mon 31 Aug 16:00 NFT2

Howl’s Moving Castle

  • An utterly enchanting and poetic animated adventure with an anti-war subtext. Teenage hat-shop girl Sophie is cursed into the body of a 90-year-old woman: Howl must find the right magic to restore her, while avoiding becoming a pawn in impending hostilities.
  • Japan 2004 Dir Hayao Miyazaki 119min English version U
  • Sat 8 Aug 15:15 NFT1
  • Tickets: regular Movie Magic price (not preview price)

Space Chimps

  • The simian grandson of the first chimp astronaut finds himself blasted into space alongside a couple of colleagues to uncover the whereabouts of a missing NASA probe. Their unexpected arrival on a faraway planet puts them in grave danger from the villainous Zartog…
  • USA 2008 Dir Kirk Di Micco With voices of Jeff Daniels, Cheryl Hines, Stanley Tucci 81min U
  • Tue 11 Aug 14:00 Studio
  • Thu 13 Aug 14:30 Studio

ET: The Extra-Terrestrial

  • Spielberg’s heart-warming tale continues to be as captivating as it was when it first hit the screens 27 years ago.
  • USA 1982 Dir Steven Spielberg With Henry Thomas, Dee Wallace, Drew Barrymore 115min U
  • Sat 15 Aug 13:00 NFT3
  • Tue 18 Aug 14:00 NFT3
  • Thu 20 Aug 14:30 NFT3

Tarzan and His Mate

  • Weissmuller’s second Tarzan film is considered to be one of the best of the series.
  • USA 1934 Dir Cedric Gibbons (& uncred Jack Conway) With Johnny Weissmuller, Maureen O’Sullivan 85min PG
  • Sat 22 Aug 13:50 NFT3

Time Bandits

  • A band of small outlaws use time holes to jump between different historic events, and on their travels pick up an English schoolboy named Kevin. Before long they have met up with Robin Hood, Napoleon and Agamemnon but the bandits soon learn that time travel does have its complications.
  • UK 1981 Dir Terry Gilliam With John Cleese, Michael Palin, David Warner, Sean Connery 113min PG
  • Sat 29 Aug 13:30 NFT1

Film Fundays are £7.60 (£5.25 conc) for members, £9.00 (£6.65 conc) for Non-Members and under 16’s £5.25
Movie Magic is £5.00 for members, £6.40 for Non-Members and under 16’s £1.00

Enjoy the Summer’s biggest films on the biggest screen in Britain

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince 12A

  • Opens 15 July
  • See the sixth installment in the Harry Potter series, with selected scenes in IMAX 3D, on Britain’s biggest screen.

Fly Me to the Moon 3D
A truly immersive 3D experience that will literally take you out of this world.

Under The Sea 3D
Journey to some of the world’s most exotic and isolated undersea locations in this amazing 3D film.