British Sandwich Week (10 to 16 May)


This year British Sandwich Week is taking a very different direction with the launch of a special British sandwich for the occasion – The Great British Hammie – a triple pack selection of ham sandwiches made entirely from home grown ingredients.

The new sandwich range features three ham sandwiches, Granary bread and a selection of ingredients sourced from British suppliers.

The BSW Hammie has been designed as a triple-pack sandwich containing three different sandwiches. However, retailers and caterers can adapt the recipes to suit themselves, using any single, double or triple version.

The three sandwiches that make up the BSW Hammie range are:

  • Gammon ham with cream cheese, chives and cucumber on white bread (very traditional afternoon tea at the Ritz sort of sandwich)
  • Gammon ham with English mustard mayonnaise and lettuce on Granary (malted) bread
  • Gammon ham with free range egg and watercress on Granary (malted) bread (very traditional)

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