Exhibition – ‘Butterfly Jungle’ @ the Natural History Museum (to 31 August)

purple-emperor-butterfly-12680-1Come on a jungle journey from the dark depths of the forest floor to the heady heights of the tree canopy and experience the magic and beauty of live butterflies and other rainforest creatures.

Your journey begins with the outdoor explorer’s trail. As you climb, crawl, swing and jump your way through the different layers of the rainforest, you’ll discover the amazing characters that live here and find out how they are adapted to survive in their jungle home. Tackle their survival challenges yourself through a mixture of fun, physical activities and brain-teasing puzzles. You’ll need to follow the animal tracks, spot the camouflaged insects and escape from the carnivorous plants. This place is full of life, in fact it’s the most diverse place on Earth. Rainforests are home to butterflies, beetles, frogs, snakes, toucans, monkeys and more – and you’ll find out how they avoid getting eating, find food and build a home.

Your jungle trail leads you to the incredible butterfly house where you can feel the life and diversity of the jungle all around you. As you walk inside this living rainforest, you’ll come face-to-face with a huge variety of tropical butterflies from all over the world.

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