Check out Whisper of the Heart


We’re big fans of Studio Ghibli, and they’re releasing onto DVD a brand new film Whisper of the Heart!

WHISPER_BLURAY_2DOut on Blu-ray and DVD from 9th January courtesy of STUDIOCANAL, this film is a simple tale about a young girl who falls in love and learns to believe in herself.

Her name is Suzuku Tsukishima and she is nearing the end of her final year of junior high. An avid bookworm, she devours books while quietly dreaming about becoming a writer.

One day, she meets Seiji, a lad who has the ability to both irritate and charm her, often at the same time. He also harbors an unusual ambition: to build violins in Cremona, Italy.

Around the same time, she meets a kindly old man who owns an antique shop, who she later learns is Seiji’s grandfather.

R1002920One item in the store particularly catches her eye – a strange statue of a cat with glittering eyes.

Inspired by Seiji’s utter determination to realize his own dream, she writes a story about the feline-shaped sculpture coming to life.

If you’re a fan of films like Spirited Away, then this is well worth checking out!

Whisper of the Heart is out on 9th January – click here to find out more and pre-order your copy!