Chinese State Circus @ UK Tour (Until 31 October)

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From the land of legends and warrior monks comes the incredible new Chinese State Circus production – the live acrobatic spectacular – Mulan.

A breathtaking fusion of precision acrobatics, Shaolin martial arts, dazzling circus skills, colourful characters from Peking Opera, physical theatre and drama choreographed to an original music score, Mulan is based on the legend of one of China’s greatest heroines.  Although the tales of how a peasant girl led an army to save her nation from invasion have spread over the world in poems, songs, books, and films, this is their first incarnation in the all-action world of international circus.

Entertainment for all the family- from the world’s leading Chinese acrobats.  From gravity-defying gymnastics to the seemingly impossible body manipulations of the hand-balancer; from the leaping, rolling somersaulting repertoire of the hoop divers to the lavish tradition of the Lion Dance – the undisputed masters of physical theatre will have the audience on the edge of their seats.

homepage_monkeyBlink and you could miss it – such are the lightening reactions of the greatest exponents of martial arts – the Shaolin Wushu Warriors.  Trained at the Shaolin Temple, they stretch the limits of human achievement in the dazzling new production of the Chinese State Circus.

The title role of Mulan is performed by martial arts expert, Cao Jing making her first appearance in the UK.  Her 15 years of Kung Fu training will be put to the test in a dramatic fight sequence in which she encounters a giant warrior.  Cao Jing started learning martial arts when she was only six years old and has won three championship titles!

Two of the most colourful characters in Chinese folklore, from the exclusive Peking Opera – the Monkey King and his zany companion, Pig – are our guides through the adventure.

Passed down for thousands of years from generation to generation, the ballad of Mulan, written during the Tang dynasty, two thousand years ago, is one of China’s best-loved stories.  It’s the inspiring heroic story of a strong-minded country girl who took joined the Emperor’s all-male army in place of her father who was too old to fight.  Through her warrior skills she was promoted to the rank of General yet throughout her epic exploits defeating all her enemies no one was aware that she was a woman.

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