Chipperfields Circus @ Midsummer Common, Cambridge (22 – 31 Oct)

chipperfieldThe Chipperfields can justly claim to be among Britain’s greatest showmen and also to have the longest history – James Chipperfield entertained on the frozen River Thames during the Great Frost Fair of 1684!

The family has always been leading the way in entertainment. In 1824, Chipperfields were the first to bring acrobats and dancers to Britain from Africa and from Mexico, and their fairground sideshows featured marionettes, tight-rope walkers, and a ‘living skeleton’. In the early twentieth century, the new invention of moving pictures was popularised as the fairground ‘Bioscope’, and Chipperfields led the field in presenting flickering topical films – the first ‘newsreels’. Later, family members invented and popularised the drive-through ‘safari park’.

Often, with their innate talent at working with animals and with their many other performing talents, family members ran a circus.   The most famous was the huge Chipperfields’ Circus of the 1950s, a massive Big Top holding 6000 people and including chariot-racing as well as one of Europe’s finest circus productions featuring world-class star artistes.

In the mid-60s the circus shipped, lock stock and barrel, to South Africa. Since that time, we’ve toured in the Far East and Australasia.  Tony Hopkins is delighted now to present a new Chipperfields’ Circus on tour in Great Britain, a show which maintains our family tradition at the forefront of sparkling and innovative Big Top entertainment.

Let their family thrill yours as they’ve done for centuries – enjoy the new Chipperfields’ All Human Circus!

Performance Times
Everyday at 7pm

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