Christmas Events @ Covent Garden (9th November – 21st December)


It’s the Christmas conundrum. How do you combine a shopping trip with activities that will keep the little ones happy for hours on end?

This is where Covent Garden comes in. The whole area will be awash in celebrations, from a giant Christmas tree and reindeer petting, interactive workshops plus children’s stories told by candlelight.

CoventGarden003Keep the little ones warm with some cuddly blankets from the dressing area and then sit with them in the flickering candlelight of the Market Building North Hall. Here, professional storytellers will read heart-warming tales that will surprise and delight in equal measure.

For those kids who want to get more involved, craft experts are on-hand to help them fashion their own glittery tree decorations, together with build-your-own-puppet workshops. It’s like Santa’s workshop, in fact, but utilising kiddie power rather than elves.

Add in a backdrop of stunning lighting and the sound of choir singers echoing around the Piazza and you have the sort of day perfect for the entire family!

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