Circus of Horrors: The Ventriloquist @ Watford Colosseum (29 January)

3437_fullThe Circus of Horrors has had a major revamp and is back rockin’ and shockin’ with fangtastic new show.

The new sensation takes a whirlwind journey though Berlin in 1921, three years after the First World War. This was the roaring 20s, a decadent decade that saw the birth of the cabaret.

One particular venue was struggling to make ends meet, new blood was needed and it was found when Dr Haze rolled into town with his vampire vaudeville show, featuring hair-hanging beauties, twisted contortionists, flying aerialists, demon dwarfs, gyrating jugglers, voodoo warriors, pickled people, sword swallowers and its latest and greatest star, the Ventriloquist!

This event isn’t for young children!

Event Info:

Location: Watford Colosseum

Price: From £13.50

Times: 7.30pm